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Update 7/16/17


Hello All


Wow, time flies when things are happening.  I know I promised a video announcement, but I just have not been able to get that up and running.  I do have some stuff to announce though:


1 - SaberHooks are back in stock.  You can start ordering those right now. 


2 - Luke Buckles - as you may have already scene, I've called the project dead. As of right now the interest just is not there.  I may revisit the V1 style that I was making, I just have to price those out again.  Until that happens, the V2 style Prototypes are orderable on Etsy, you can find all the info on the buckle page.


3 - The major announcement.  I plan to still do a video at some point but this will have to do for now.  I'm no longer accepting any leather commisions at all.  My health has taken a serious down turn which is why everything has been slow from me.  I'll get into more detail eventually, maybe a live video or something, but for right now my close friends and family know what it going on and they have watched me struggle over the past few years.  I'm finally calling it and making the change I need.


4 - With the above announcement I want to reassure everyone that I am NOT GOING ANYWHERE.  I still plan to supply the needs of those wishing to make belts; Buckles, Rivets, Saber Hooks, and a few new projects.  As always, keep to the social media stuff to see any breaking product announcements..


5 - Etsy - I've been playing with Etsy for the better part of this year and, while it is a great platform, it does have some shortcomings.  I have some product listed over there that I just have not had the time to list here.  That comes with the trade off of added costs associated with the Etsy Fees.  Please, feel free to shop over there as I'm still deciding if I'm going to move all my listings over there for inventory and selling purposes


6 - Shipping - I'm playing with First Class as a option.  I have done a few tests recently and, so far, everything has been successful.  The only downfall is that First Class can only be used for SINGLE ITEM purchases.  If I use it for multiple items, by the time I add in the cost of the box and weigh everything, Priority ends up being about the same cost.  With that said, especially international guys, feel free to contact me and I can help you out on a case by case basis.  This will require more work on my end as a Paypal Invoice will have to be created, but it can save my international guys a TON of money.



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