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Update 1/21/18


Happy New Year


Another New Year and some new changes to make, so with that said I will keep this brief:


1 - With a New Year comes changes from the Post Office.  The bad news first, rates have gone up for my US Customers, so I have to raise shipping by $1 from $7 to $8.  Good News is that International does NOT appear to be affected as of yet.


2 - I am transitioning more and more to Etsy for everything sales wise.  Why?  Well, it is just easier to keep track of inventory AND offer more concise ordering options.  Lets face it, my website is very basic, by choice.  I like simple and the Etsy interface keeps things simple.


3 - Contacting me.  Yea, I don't get to email on my main computer as much as I would like, please if you do not hear from me inside of 2 days, contact me via Etsy or my Facebook page, both go to my phone and will prompt a quicker response.


4 - Back to the shipping thing.  Yea, I know, it is expensive.  Etsy is going to offer a solution for EVERYBODY.  How?  Well, simple, starting in the next week or so I will be offering First Class to both US and International Customers through Etsy ONLY.  I have some Tyvek envelopes on order which will allow some savings for you, my customers.  The catch, and there always is a catch, First Class will be for Single Items only AND limited to a $16 purchase, which covers all my Buckles currently.  So 1 buckle or set of Rivets is it for the envelope as thickness becomes a cost factor.  If you order multiples, it will go back to Priority Mail Flat Rate.


5 - Finally, pricing and products.  I'm sure some have seen that there is a price difference between here and Etsy.  That comes down to the fees that are charged.  Starting this weekend, you will see pricing on my site reflect what is on the Etsy site, this way both are in line with each other.



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