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LS Series ESB/ROTJ Buckle

My ESB/ROTJ Buckles are in stock and ready to go.  As you can see from the above pic they came out better than expected, completely accurate size.  These are waterjet cut from 1/8" thick, 6061 aluminum with the correct buckle attachment cold welded to the back.  The loop will fit up to a 1.75" belt which is just the inside tongue cut down.  As you can also see, I opted to have them high polished, this way you have a even, clean canvass to weather or paint your new buckle

Price on the Buckle is $35 each plus shipping

**Note - Lightsaber and Belt shown in pictures are not included**

USA Shipping, Handling, and Insurance

Priority Mail Shipping


Delivered in 2 3 Days with a Tracking Number. Includes Insurance.


International Orders

If you live outside the USA please Contact me with your Country. I will get back to you with the totals for shipping.

Please Contact Us To Place Your Order
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